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Guest Registration & Check-in

The perfect guest experience usually begins way before the event has started. But the first touch point on-site happens when guests arrive and enter the venue.



Wow your guests with an efficient yet personal entry management. Fast, reliable, and secure on-site guest check-in with interconnecting tablets.

Why event planners love the app:


Ultra-fast check-in


Full-text guest search


Instant synchronization across all devices


Automatic Offline Mode

Most popular features


Walk-in registration
Editing of guest details on-site
Multiple guest lists and guest groupings
NO-RSVP and +1 handling
Custom order of guest fields
Guest Pictures
Check-in alerts to staff or guests
App branding with event flyer or company logo
Fast guest list import (MS Excel)
Real-time Reporting (MS Excel)

Compatible with these add-ons


Seating charts


Name badge printing


QR Code Scanning


Email Campaigns


MMS Campaigns

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Name Badge Printing on-site

Smart guest list apps and thermal label printers allow you to generate name badge on-site in a matter of seconds.

The iPads are connected to the printer via a Wi-Fi connection. When pressing the check-in button, the label is printed. It can contain e.g. first name, last name, job title and company or any other guest information. Font and text size can be customized.

Most common label sizes are 62mm x 35mm (horizontal print)  and 90mm x 62mm. (vertical print)

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Wi-Fi Rental

Boost your Event Check-in with a Powerful Wi-Fi Network


The best event apps for guest check-in, seating and name badge printing perform best when they are connected to stable Wi-Fi network on-site.

Full coverage

Huawei Pro or TP-Link Router cover the whole event reception and check-in area. Indoors and Outdoors.

Flexible Hot Spot

Connect tablets, laptops, Wi-Fi printers or mobile phones to the same network.


Powerful Battery

The 5200 mAh battery is powerful enough to be a power bank for your other devices. On its own, it can work effortlessly up to 20 hours straight and stand by for over 500 hours.*





Unlimited Data

Citywide connectivity via Smartone network or China mobile (for events Mainland China)

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