Tech Support Services

We provide flexible tech support services
for any event size.
Depending on your event you may be interested in one of the following packages which can be adjusted to meet your specific needs.
Software and Account Set-up Services
We assist you during the whole software set-up process and make sure you and your team members are using the tools correctly. If you give us explicit access to your account, we can also check settings for you and help you when you need to adjust something quickly. As part of our Account Management services you can furthermore outsource certain tasks completely.
On-site Tech Support
For more complex events and when you require additional hardware, we provide an experienced event consultant who delivers the equipment, sets it all up, does the testing, briefs your team and stays on-site in case of questions. On-site support can be booked per hour, the usual package includes up to 3 hours tech support.
Equipment Delivery, Set-up and Pick-up Service
If you and your team feel familiar with the utilized software, you may choose a more streamlined service. One of our consultants will arrive 1-1.5 hours before your event, sets everything up and makes a provides a briefing and handover to you and your team. He then leaves the venue and the equipment will be picked up after the event or the next day at your office.
Our support services start from HK$ 590 for basic set-up services. Please get in touch to share with us your requirements below.

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