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Name Badge Printing on-site

Smart guest list apps and thermal label printers allow you to generate name badge on-site in a matter of seconds.

The iPads are connected to the printer via a Wi-Fi connection. When pressing the check-in button, the label is printed. It can contain e.g. first name, last name, job title and company or any other guest information. Font and text size can be customized.

Most common label sizes are 62mm x 35mm (horizontal print)  and 90mm x 62mm. (vertical print)

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Digital guest lists are becoming a trend in Hong Kong. They do not only help to get rid of pens, clipboards and messy paper lists at the door. They also guarantee a super-fast check-in experience and make sure event planners stay organized.

When going digital at the door you need to look out for the following key functionalities:


Guest lists apps need to be easy to use. You do not want to waste time explaining how the app works. The check-in team must be able to understand how the app works during a 5 minutes briefing, on-site. The app should offer a full text search, to let your team search by either name, company or any other information you uploaded. The check-in button must be visible and already checked in guests clearly marked in the list.
If Walk-ins are expected make sure the app provides an easy way for the check-in team to add these guests. This also helps you to add guests last minute to the app.
Finally, make sure the app lets you to re-upload guest lists up until minutes before the event on your own. This gives you further peace of mind knowing you can fix potential errors in your guest list within minutes and get the changes up to all iPads instantly.


Security & Reliability

Data security has become more and more important for many clients in 2016 and we expect this to even increase in 2017. Make sure the guest list app follows appropriate privacy guidelines, hosts the data on secure servers and offers SSL encryption throughout the whole process.
You should make sure that the app still works when you internet connection goes down for whatever reason. There should be an offline mode which lets your team still do the job and lets you synchronize your data when you have internet again.
For certain events you may also want to restrict access to data and the app through multiple login and user rights. It is helpful to have a user who can edit guests, only check-in guests or so-called read-only access.



When it is getting hectic and guests arrive within the same time window you need to make sure the app lets your team check-in hundreds of guests within a few minutes. Make sure the app provides search results even though you have not typed in the full name of the guest. Checking-in guests should only require two tabs on the iPads. Highlighting guests in search results who have not checked in further speeds up the whole process.
Real-Time Sync

One of the key benefits of using a top guest list app is its sync capability between all connected devices. The app should sync automatically and in real-time, which means that once you do a check-in on one iPad, this is immediately reflected on all other iPads. The total number of check-in guests goes up and you know at any time who is checked in and who is still missing. The same sync should be in place when you add, edit or delete a guest.



Make sure the guest list offers a detailed check-in report which lets you see check-ed in guests and no-shows, check-in times, and lets you track all changes made during the whole guest list curation as well as on-site.
By confirming that the app also have an IOS or Android version you may also like to have access to real-time reports and statistics on your phone before, during and after the event.


Final Tip: Even the best technology does not work properly if you are using old and outdated devices. So make sure you have the equipment that your event deserves.

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