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Guest Registration & Check-in

The perfect guest experience usually begins way before the event has started. But the first touch point on-site happens when guests arrive and enter the venue.



Wow your guests with an efficient yet personal entry management. Fast, reliable, and secure on-site guest check-in with interconnecting tablets.

Why event planners love the app:


Ultra-fast check-in


Full-text guest search


Instant synchronization across all devices


Automatic Offline Mode

Most popular features


Walk-in registration
Editing of guest details on-site
Multiple guest lists and guest groupings
NO-RSVP and +1 handling
Custom order of guest fields
Guest Pictures
Check-in alerts to staff or guests
App branding with event flyer or company logo
Fast guest list import (MS Excel)
Real-time Reporting (MS Excel)

Compatible with these add-ons


Seating charts


Name badge printing


QR Code Scanning


Email Campaigns


MMS Campaigns

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VIP Management


Using the right guest list management system saves

you time and gets your spreadsheets in order.


Easily manage additional information such as  guest

and their +1, dietary requirements, RM manager information

or seating arrangements.

Access all your data at any time via phone,

iPad or computer. Updates sync in real-time

across all devices.

Split up your guests into groups, regular guests and VIPs to be prepared at check-in or to send customized invitations at any time.


Add guest pictures to your VIP guest data for easier recognition at the door.


Add floor plans to see where your VIPs sit, which table still has guests missing and to make last minute seating arrangements on-site in seconds.


Impress with accurate reporting about check-in times, no shows and notes taken during the whole guest list planning process.

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Online Registration & RSVP

The invitation, guest registration and RSVP process is usually the most tie consuming process for event planners. The right choice of the registration system is therefore key save time, effort and your nerves before the event. This overview can help you to identify what kind registration your event needs.

Is the online registration public or for invited guests only?

For a public event registration, it is best practice to have a dedicated event website or embed the registration system into an existing website. The link to the registration should be short and simple to make it easy to share it among guests. Adding social elements before and after the registration can significantly help to spread the word for your event.

For closed events, you would require different tools to make the registration private and secure. This can be achieved with the help of unique registration codes which need to be entered to access the registration forms. These codes can be to event partners or relationship managers.
When inviting guests directly via email and for an additional layer of security it is also possible to lock certain guest fields in your RSVP forms. This does not let your invited guests to overwrite their pre-filled guest details or add any additional guests on your list. These locked RSVPs will also guarantee that forwarding a personal invitation to someone else will not work because it is only possible to change the RSVP status but not edit any guest details on your list.


Private event RSVPs are best combined with a customizable Invitation, Reminder and Thank you Emails.

Do you need to segment your guests and put them into different groups?

Segmenting your guests at the very beginning and let them register online for their respective group can go a long way to stay organized. This can be done through multiple registration categories, group specific registration codes or even separate RSVP forms.
Exporting your guest or attendee list in real-time will then clearly show you the statistics of each group and you can send reminders or other information to the selected groups without much time consuming sorting within Excel lists.

Do you require a multi-step registration and approval process?

For events which require a multi-step arrival process, you ideally start with a very limited guest registration form. New registrations can then be approved by one click which then triggers the confirmation email to the guest. This process provides an additional layer of security but at the same time, it means additional administrative steps and manpower is needed from your side.

Do you need to send QR codes to guests after a successful online registration / RSVP?

Sending a QR code to attendees as a registration confirmation is a common way to handle larger and more anonymous events such as trade fairs or ticketed events. The usual idea is to ignore the guest’s name and reduce their identity to a code which can be scanned at the door: No valid code, no entry. QR codes are also used for certain conferences. For events below 1000 guests and/or private events, QR codes are usually not worth the effort because generating codes and distributing them to individual guests via personalized mailings usually requires additional technical and design related steps. In additional to this, most VIPs will not show their code anyway at the door (or take too long to find it), because they know their name is on the list and they can enter anyway. This brings the check-in team to the original check-in method: check-in by guest name.
Please also refer to the Pro and Cons of QR codes for events here.

 Do you need to collect payments?

For a reliable and smooth payment collection process, the payment processing is ideally integrated and a full part of the online registration. This means that during the last step of the registration, guests can enter their credit card details, their payment is confirmed instantly, and they receive their confirmation. This process is very similar to booking a flight or hotel room online by credit card. While credit card is the most convenient process for both guest and event planner, other (off-line) payment options such as bank transfer are often required, which again add another lay of admin and manpower.

Depending on the nature of your event and online registration, different tools are recommended.
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Invitations, Reminders & Thank you Emails

Creating an extraordinary guest experience start weeks
to months before the event and a major part of it is the
guest communication.
Create personal invitations right from your guest list data.
Add personal place holders such name, guest specific information or a unique
invitation number and QR code.
Use HTML to stick to your corporate branding or let us transform your designs into mobile optimised email templates
Send reminders to only those guests who are still unconfirmed by one click. Or take a look on the email stats to resend emails to those guests who did not open the email at all or replace their emails in case there were bounds backs.
Send thank you notes to all guests who attended the event by filtering by guest list
Add mobile optimized RSVP forms to your invitations to easily collect guest data and to check if this guest is confirmed or has declined.

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Guest Interaction

Crowdsource the best question from your audience



Let your participants ask questions from any device and vote for the ones they like the most.

Have control over what questions are asked


Turn on moderation and easily filter any inappropriate

questions before they go live.

Engage your audience with Live Polls


Ask your audience their opinion and display the

results in real-time.

Share the results live with your audience


Find out who they are or what they think

and display the results live on screen.


Gain valuable insights with event analytics


Meet your most influential participants and discover

which topics resonated the most with your audience.


Share the insights in a beautiful infographic


Generate an infograpic from your event data

and share it with your colleagues or participants

via email or social media.

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