iPad Rental

Create the perfect guest experience by renting the latest iPads.


The iPads are already configured and set up, so you are ready as soon as you switch them on.


Contact us for a quotation including event date(s), event venue or office address and amount of of iPads required. As a ball park figure when using the iPads for guest check-in, we recommend to use in average 1 iPad for 100 guests.

Suggested iPad count:


Check-in for 100 guests: 1-2 iPads
Check-in for 150-250 guests: 2-4 iPads
Check-in for 300-400 guests:  4 iPads
Check-in for 400-600 guests: 6 iPads
Check-in for 600-800 guests: 7-8 iPads
Check-in for 1000 guests: 10 iPads


Additional iPads may be added for Walk-ins or if guests arrive sharp within a short time window of 15-20 minutes.

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