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8 Reasons Why You Should Use A Check-in App For Event Registration

Updated: Aug 12, 2018

Event check-in app

Have you ever managed events that use pens and paper to check in guests? Optimistically, the check-in process can be fairly smooth, but only when nothing unexpected happens (e.g. misspelling of a guest name, or multiple guests arriving at once). However, if you use check-in apps, those issues can be eliminated, and you may also enjoy the advantages below:

1. Easy to manage

Most guest list software is easy to manage, such as the zkispter app. All you need to do is to fill in an excel guest list template, upload it to the system, and start checking in guests at the event with smartphones or tables.

2. No more queues at the reception

Finding a guest on a paper guest list can be terribly time consuming, so this will often make the check-in queue very long. Most guests arrive at the venue 10-20 minutes before the event starts, so by using digital solutions, guests can be found easily on apps by searching names or scanning QR codes, and there is little to no queue by the time the event starts. As a result, guests can relax and not have to worry about getting in on time!

3. Update guest info onsite and sync info with everyone instantly

It is very common to have last-minute changes at events, e.g. change of table number / guest name / other info. But with a check-in app, you can save time on notifying everyone about what info has been changed, as everyone holding a tablet or smartphone can share updated info instantly.

4. Monitor real-time guest check-in statistics

On the zkispter app, you can view the real-time number of checked-in guests. After the event, a detailed statistics report can be generated and show you who was checked-in, when they were checked-in and what additional notes were recorded during the event. It becomes easy to track the event and plan for the next one.

5. All functions in one app

Each event software provides unique add-on functions. For zkispter, you can integrate check-in with instant name badge printing, printing name badges but a second after the guest checks in; integrate check-in with seating chart management, so you can let guests know their table and seat numbers immediately, and also be able to adjust seating info before and during the event in an user-friendly interface.

6. VIP guest arrival alerts

Make sure you or your client receives notification by SMS or email when an VIP arrives at the venue. You can also customise the message however you like to add additional information or some personal flair.

7. Complete guide and tech-support

Lastly, it can be difficult to learn how to use a new piece of software. In Hong Kong, Central Pacific can help you to manage the account set-up of the right software, prepare a demo, and provide tech support during your event, so you don't have to worry about any tech-related issues.

8. Create an innovative event

Entry management is one of the most important aspect of an event, as 90% of guests always remember the very first moment when they arrive at the venue. It is the unique chance for event planners to display an innovative brand image right from the start.

Check out Central Pacific's Event Check-in App solution. You may also be interested in onsite name badge printing

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