The Future Of 5G Events

What is 5G?

5G internet delivers much faster data download and upload speeds, wider coverage as well as more stable connections. Current 4G data speeds offer about 45Mbps on average, but 5G offers download speeds of at least 10-20 times that speed or even 1000 times faster in laboratory conditions. For reference, these download speeds can enable you to download an entire HD film in less than a second. The more efficient use of radio spectrum also enables more devices to access mobile internet simultaneously.

Lightning Fast Internet

A prime example and leader in utilizing 5G is the Los Angeles Convention Center where it was the first convention center in the US to adopt 5G technology. The installation provided internet connections for over 25000 guests at lightning speeds.

HD Video Content everywhere

With bandwidth increasing 100-fold, not only expect faster, richer images to be brought forward but full HD videos without buffer or lag. Event Marketing and event announcements will be able to take advantage of video live coverage.

Video Live streaming

Live streamin