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Go Fully Digital And Impress Your Attendees At Your Next Conference And Corporate Event

The most successful conferences make use of various event software and event app solutions throughout the whole event. From registration, name badge printing and audience interaction up to the final attendee survey and event evaluation. We help you to implement the best event solutions for your upcoming conference.


Invite Guests With Professional Invitation Emails

Use tested and mobile-optimized email templates to save time creating an invitation email or let us help you to create a fully customized HTML email template to match your corporate branding guideline.


  • User-friendly interface to check sent email statistics

  • Ability to send emails using your company email as the sender email address

  • Guest and RSVP data can be saved and updated within the check-in system automatically

Event Invitation Email.PNG
Phone frame.png

Get A Kick Start Right When Attendees Register. Use The Fastest Check-in System And Scan QR Codes

Attendees enter the venue, show their QR code on their phones, the code gets scanned, the attendee checked-in, and is ready to go. The whole process only takes 3-5 seconds. 


  • Personalized QR code generation

  • Fast and secure,  a QR code can only be scanned once

  • Full service and set-up packages available - including equipment rental and tech-support

QR code mms.png
Event registration platfom

Collect Payments With A Stand-Alone Event Ticket Registration Platform

Let us help you to set up a powerful event registration platform to promote your event, manage ticket sales and collect payments in one go without the need of managing multiple payment methods and accounts. 


  • Discount and Promotions Codes

  • Automated or manual confirmation emails

  • System-generated invoice and e-tickets

  • Optionally embed the ticketing portal onto an existing website

Print On-site Name Badges In A Matter Of Seconds

Connect our check-in software with ultra-fast label printers, print and hand out name badges to guests instantly without losing time searching for pre-printed badges. Say goodbye to long queues and the embarrassment of having forgotten to print a badge in advance.


  • A reliable, and efficient way to print hundreds of name badges without any queues

  • Customizable printing settings, including printed guest details, badge size and font style

  • Complete setup support and equipment rental available

Make Your Panel Discussions Interactive With Digital Q&A's and Live Polls

Audience interaction at your next event can be achieved with one single application, optimized for mobile phones. Guests can ask questions, join live polls and surveys right on their own phone.


  • Runs in mobile phone web browsers, attendees do not need to download any app

  • Instant updates and synchronization

  • Display poll results on a conference screen in real-time

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