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Central Pacific teams up with ZKIPSTER, the Event Management Software for the World’s Best Events to provide an unmatched event invitation and check-in experience for event planners across Asia.

Event Equipment Rental

ZKIPSTER's on-site check-in works best with iPads, a stable 4G Wi-Fi connection, and - if needed - label printers to print name badges on-site. 

We equip you with the right gadgets for your upcoming events in Hong Kong and overseas. 1-day, 3-days, and weekly rentals are available.


Additional Services

Professional, On-Demand and Highly Customized

Event Email Campaigns

Get a tailor-made HTML email design which sticks to your or your client's brand guideline. The customized HTML emails are compatible with zkipster's field names and email placeholders and the QR codes work with zkipster's inbuilt scanner. The emails can be sent through the zkipster platform or via any other email system that supports HTML.

QR Code Generation

Let us bulk-generate QR codes for you depending on your invitation process and event-specific requirements. We make sure all QR codes are compatible with your ZKIPSTER guest lists and work.  Use pre-printed QR codes on name badges or physical invitations.

Registration Form Set-up

Let us build a cost-effective event webpage with a built-in registration form which links back to ZKIPSTER. This way, registered guest details will be imported into the ZKIPSTER app automatically. Additional integrations are now possible through  API.

Account Management

Let us set up your ZKIPSTER and user accounts, upload your guest lists and help you manage your RSVP and email campaigns. Your personal account manager furthermore makes sure every event setting is correct, suggests the right amount of equipment for check-in and makes sure your team is properly briefed before the event day.

Event Hostess Services

Our hostesses are experienced ZKIPSTER app users and trained to provide a professional, fast and efficient check-in experience.  Let us know your event details and the required dress code and we make sure your event reception is staffed and ready on the day of the event.

On-site Tech Support

Our professional tech and event consultants stay on-site before and during the event to provide team briefings and training sessions, assist with last-minute changes, monitor equipment and supervise the overall registration progress.

A Perfect Match For Your Events 


Simplifying Event Mangement With Innovative Technology

Central Pacific is a Hong Kong-based event technology consulting company, with expertise in check-in app services and RSVP campaign management, for event managers planning corporate events, private receptions, conferences, gala dinners, road shows, and trade shows.

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Event Management Software For The World's Best Events

ZKIPSTER is the leading event management software which makes event planning intuitive, guest check-in fast, and event analysis insightful. Since zkipster started in 2009, the app has checked in over 12 million guests at the best events around the globe in over 100 countries.

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