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Event Seating Chart App

A powerful event seating and guest check-in app for seated events such as gala dinners, banquets, luncheons or larger weddings. Register guests and manage event seating chart on-site. Share the latest guest seating chart with your team in real-time.

Automatic Seating

Arrange tables and seats on your excel spreadsheet and guests will be seated automatically when we upload it to the system. Manage last minute seat changes on-site with iPads.

Table Number Display

Guest's table and seat number are displayed right at check-in. It can even be sent automatically to guests' smartphone upon arrival.



Sync Across Devices

Your check-in team at the door always has the latest version of the seating plan at hand. No more re-printing of table and seating plans minutes before the event.



Create A Floor Plan In Minutes

Stop printing floorplans, create a digital and always updated version instead. Add or edit tables, zoom in and out, rotate, and add labels to match for your venue with and easy to use seating chart editor.


zkipster seating chart planning.png
zkipster seat planning.png
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Manage your seating arrangements on iPads And Laptops

Easily add seats and tables on-site. Reseat guests to deal with last-minute changes right on your iPad.

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