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An Asset For Your Marketing and Event Team

Trust our experienced Technical Support and IT Managers for special projects, event series, marketing campaigns or events which require a continuous engagement before, during and after the event. Outsource repetitive or technical tasks, and hardware maintenance to free up time, resources and reduce costs in the long run.

Central Pacific provides highly skilled and experienced resources for (Event) Project Management, Marketing Activities and Hardware Procurement. Based on our client's requirements we can provide the following:

  • Fix Priced Managed or Outsourced      

  • Services  Project-based teams     

  • Individual Temporary Consultants     

  • Short or Long Term Placements

Database & Excel Data Management

Outsource guest list, supplier or exhibitor management, imports and comprehensive report and excel analysis.



Registration System Set-up & Integration

For events that require complex online registration and RSVP forms with or without Payment Processing.


Hardware Procurement

Outsource the purchase and set-up of hardware to receive the best quality for the most competitive price

HTML Design &


Outsource design and HTML related tasks to save cost and get jobs done faster.


Event Specific Work Flows

Let our experienced IT support managers automate event-specific workflows and processes





Make sure that everything works as it should by outsourcing stress-testing of various software and digital processes 



Central Pacific can offer tailored solutions where permanent in-house employees may not be the best choice or where sign-off for additional in-house headcount is not available. Central Pacific is also able to provide experienced resources that enable us to fill urgent vacancies quickly, helps us to resolve temporary resource shortages and provides expertise including on an ad-hoc or part-time basis.

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