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Event Management Platform

Set-up an event registration platform that unites both intelligent attendee management software and business networking and offers event solutions for successful event promotion and easy-to-use one-stop event ticket sales.

Event Platform

Set-up Service

We help to set-up the event registration platform, ticket registration portal and all the other related components.

Event Tickets


Promotion codes can be set-up for different categories of tickets and offer tier-based discounts based on the volume of tickets sold (e.g. early bird pricing).

Automated Confirmation Email

Automatic system generated invoices, receipts, and e-ticket(s) will be emailed to the guests as a confirmation once they have registered through the platform.

Event registration platfom

User-Friendly Registration Platform

Easy to use event website templates for customization to stay on-brand and meet event requirements.

If you already have an event website in place, you can also embed the ticket registration portal directly onto your existing website.

Centralized Payments Collection

Ticket payment collection is centralized, which means event organizers simply need to provide their bank account and thereafter the platform will collect on behalf of the organizers and deposit all payments directly to the provided bank account.

Event Ticket
Event Invoice

System Generated Invoice & E-Tickets

Automatic system generated invoices, receipts, and e-ticket(s) are a stronghold in optimizing the client journey before they come to your event. Once guests have registered their receipt and e-tickets will be emailed to the guest as confirmation.

Post-event Statistics

Meaningful post-event statistics are a staple in analysis post-event. With statistics reports offered for each event created, sales statistics and analysis among which tickets sell best help you plan ahead for your next events.

Post-event statistcs
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