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Event Tech Support

Our professional tech and event consultants can stay on-site before and during the event to provide team briefings and training sessions, assist with last-minute changes, monitor equipment and supervise the overall registration progress.

Software Set-up

Full event Software Set-up and Consulting to get you up and running in no time.



Software Training

Training sessions with your team at your office or on-site prior to the event.



On-site Tech Support

Technicians stay on-site during the peak registration phase.

Personal Support

Event Account Managers can be reached by email, phone, and Whatsapp.


Overseas Support

Tech support can be arranged for Mainland China and most other Asian countries.

Our 3 Support Levels

Software and Account Management

We set-up the software for you and make sure your team members are using the tools correctly. If you give us explicit access to your account, we can correct and help to adjust relevant settings for you.

Delivery & Set-up Service

Our event consultants arrive one hour before doors open, sets everything up and does a thorough briefing with your team before he leaves. We pick the event equipment after the event or on the following  day.

On-site Tech Support Service

For more complex events, we will send a tech support consultant to your event venue who stays on-site during the peak hours, sets up the equipment, briefs your team and handles last-minute changes for you.

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