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Create The Most Memorable Wedding Check-in Experience With The Most Innovative Guest List App

This software has all the features that you need to manage a wedding reception. Check-in guests within seconds and manage seating at the same time. Every receptionist and planner get the most updated guest list information, while guests can enjoy a glamorous wedding check-in experience.

Customize A Unique And Wonderful Wedding Web-page

Easily share all the need-to-know information and your hand-picked wedding photos. Start the most memorable wedding experience with an innovative wedding website. Guests can also RSVP online which makes your table planning much easier. 

  • Fully customizable content and design

  • Aa your own wedding photo gallery

  • Allow guests to RSVP online to update your guest list automatically

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Register Guests With Tablets / Smartphones

The first touchpoint on-site happens when guests arrive and enter the venue. You want to make sure you provide a smooth and quick registration process. Wow your guests with an efficient, yet personal entry management.


  • Fast, reliable, and secure on-site guest check-in with interconnecting tablets

  • SMS and Email alerts when VIPs check-in

  • Combine check-in with seating plans.

Stay In Control With Table And Floor Plans Which Sync In Real-Time

Every seated event faces challenges when unexpected walk-ins show up, seating arrangement changes occur or certain guests drop up and their seats need to be filled. Digital guest management helps to stay on top of the game and manage your wedding with ease.


  • Plan ahead and easily add, move or remove tables

  • Instant synchronization of all changes across all devices

  • Flexible access roles, assign editor, check-in only and viewer access rights

  • Integrate with our check-in apps to see at a glance who has arrived and who is missing

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