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Why Choose Us?

Every Successful Event Needs A Reliable Technology Partner

Simply Innovative

The event industry is changing fast. Newer and better event technology is coming onto the market every year. To keep up with the trend, our team is constantly searching for the best solutions that simplify event management processes and bring innovation to events.

Every event software is primarily designed for a specific event type, which usually depends on the overall event size as well as the invitation and registration process. We, therefore, have built up a powerful portfolio of various event software solutions which allow us to offer unique and highly customized services for a wide range of event requirements. 

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Personal Account Manager

event planner

​Great event planners care for every detail of their event, so do our account managers. When we say "feel free to contact us when you have any questions", we do mean it.

We provide you with the most convenient channels to reach our account managers and technicians. We know the importance of personal support in the event industry. Count on our team who is always available and happy to help when you have any tech-related questions or problems to solve.

Quality-Oriented Solutions

Product quality is our top priority. We make sure our solutions meet the event requirements and communicate clearly any shortcomings, and if so,  suggest useful workarounds. 

To ensure a perfect guest experience, our technicians and account managers work closely with our client's event planners and encourage best practices when it comes to data management, software, and equipment set-up as well as data security.

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Affordable Services

Networking Event

Buying high-quality products does not necessarily mean paying a high price.


We are able to offer cost-effective event packages and value-added services to our clients because we have strong partnerships with various technology and hardware partners in place. This gives us the flexibility to respond to your requirements and you only pay for what you really need.

We Treat Your Events As Our Events

Our clients trust us to be their event technology partner, not just a software supplier. We aim to build long-term relationships with event planners across all industries. Contact us, we would love to hear from you.

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