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Small to medium sized trade shows often require a robust yet flexible registration system. From online registration to personalized confirmation emails, our systems have you covered from hundreds to tens of thousands of visitors, partners and sponsors. We regularly work with trade fair organizers at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center.  

Customized Registration Forms for VIPs, Partners and Sponsors

It can be a time-consuming process to set up multiple registration forms and sending out invitations to different attendee categories. Our registration systems include automated confirmation emails and QR codes to facilitate guest check-in.


  • Fully customized online event registration forms

  • Integration with QR code and guest check-in systems

  • Automated QR code confirmation emails

Use One Of The Leading QR Code Registration Systems To Check-in Large Numbers Of Visitors

Guests enter the venue, show their QR code on their phone, the QR code gets scanned, the guests checked in and is ready to go. The whole process only takes 3-5 seconds.

  • QR code generation

  • Ability to set-up single and multi-entry codes

  • Service and Set-up Packages available - including equipment rental and tech-support