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Manage Your Seated Events Like A Pro With Our Innovative Guest Management Software

Gala dinners, luncheons and banquets require more attention to detail compared to the average cocktail reception. Guests need to be seated, they often have dietary requirements and last minute changes or no shows require updates to table plans and seating arrangements. We provide the right event seating software to let event planners focus on what matters most: deliver an amazing event experience.

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Use iPads To Register Guests And Stay Up To Date

Efficient guest registration is key for the first impression when guests arrive. Welcome guests with interconnecting iPads to check their table numbers in seconds.


  • Fast check-in and instant synchronization across all connected devices

  • Integrate your guest list with dynamic seating charts

  • Split your guest lists up into different groups to identify VIPs and regular guests

Stay In Control With Table And Floor Plans Which Sync In Real-Time

Every seated event faces challenges when unexpected walk-ins show up, seating arrangement changes occur or certain guests drop out and their seats need to be filled. Digital guest management helps to stay on top of the game and manage your event with ease.


  • Easily add, move or remove tables

  • Instantly sync all changes across all connected devices

  • Assign editor, check-in only and viewer access rights

  • Combine it with the check-in app to see at a glance who has arrived and who is missing

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Make Your Seated Events More Interactive With Q&A And Live Polls

Audience interaction at your next event can be achieved with one single application, optimized for mobile phones. Guests can ask questions, join live polls and surveys right on their own phone.


  • Runs in mobile phone web browsers, attendees do not need to download any app

  • Instant updates and synchronization

  • Display poll results on a conference screen in real-time

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