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Audience Interaction, Real-Time Q&A And Live Polls

Use a handy yet powerful tool to manage real-time voting, audience questions, and surveys at your events. No installation on your guests' smartphones required. 

Audience Engagement

Create polls for your audience and allow them to ask questions through their own devices.



Web-Based Solution

Installation free! Manage the discussion through web-browsers instead of apps.


Turn on moderation to filter questions, and remove any inappropriate questions before they go live.

Mobile Friendly

Your attendees can join by using their own mobile phones and tablets.

Instant Results

Display the results of your polls and surveys live on a screen.


Works with the virtual event platform and allows to embed live streaming 

Remove The Fear Of Asking Questions

Increase the quantity and quality of questions by allowing people to ask anonymously.


Collect Real-Time Insights With Polls

Ask your participants about their opinion and let them vote instantly from any device.

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