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5 Solutions To Engage Event Guests

The date is scheduled, the venue is booked, the run-down is settled and you have a guest list. As an event holder of a business or private event, you know that the guests are the lifeblood of the business, the VIP of the private event, so engaging event guests in the right way is the key. With the advancement in technology, you can engage event guests using the following 5 solutions.


In any event, guests always exchange contact information with one another for future collaboration opportunities. vCards should be in your bucket list. vCards, also known as virtual contact files, function like electronic business cards. They can contain contact information of your guests, such as name, phone numbers, email addresses, URLs, logos, photos and audio clips. vCards can be easily shared in the form of QR codes. Event guests therefore can simply scan the QR code from another guest’s name badge or tag with their own smartphones to collect the stored information. vCards are automatically saved as a new contact and work with all major smartphones.

Lucky draw

If you are attending a gala dinner or a wedding party, an enlivening and joyous atmosphere is indispensable. With the help of technology, the whole drawing process can be done digitally, brighten up the atmosphere and become one of the highlights of the event that guests would anticipate for. Combine the lucky draw with your guest list app to make sure only those guests join that actually came to attend the event. Lucky draw results and winners can be displayed directly and in real-time on a screen, making it even more engagement for the whole audience.

Event apps

What’s coming up in the next section? Who’s the speaker? Any last minute updates? Who else is attending the event? These questions among others usually ask event attendees when they attend conferences and trade shows. With an easy to use event application such as Socio, all of the above questions can be answered on attendee’s mobile phones. Event apps have evolved over the years and cannot only include information like an event newsfeed, agenda, announcements, sponsors, speakers, floor plans, etc. within one app, but let attendees see their very own customized agenda and network with their fellow event attendees. To increase guests’ engagement, live polling, Q&A, surveys can also be added to the app.


When you hold a branded event, you probably put more attention to promoting your event and brand to guests who are attending, their friends and even beyond. Luster, an engaging Instagram photo sharing solution for events, lets you do exactly that: Your guests snap photos using their own smartphones and devices from anywhere at your event. They can then post their photos and videos to their own Instagram and Twitter accounts, and add the event’s unique hashtag in the caption so that the brand and campaign message can be shared with friends. Lastly, photo stickers are printed on-site in real-time and hand-placed on matching mosaic cells. Event guests are therefore encouraged to take part in creating the full picture as the mosaic image reveals itself over time.

Live polling and Q&A

Q&A sessions may be onerous without a digital solution. By using a web-based audience interaction tool such as Slido can make your events and conferences more interactive. Guests simply enter a unique event code to participate the live discussion on their smartphones. Guests can start to type in their questions, and the moderator can filter the questions and decide which questions can be displayed on the presentation screen, meanwhile, highlight the ones that are being answered by the speaker. Once it is answered, you can simply archive the question so that only relevant questions remain live. At the same time polls can be started, results shared and closed with three simple buttons, making it easy to use for moderators or speakers. Three categories of polling questions can be prepared such as ratings, multiple choice, and open-ended questions which can be displayed as a word cloud.

Interested but not confident in the overall set-up of the above technology at your event? Central Pacific Consultants Ltd. is a Hong Kong based event technology company. We can provide you with the full set-up and tech-support services for your bespoke event.

Contact our event technology specialists to help you make it a memorable event.

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