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5 Things You Should Considerate To Choose An Event Registration Software

Finding the right guest list app can be challenging. Often event planners will only notice the limitations of a guest list app after the purchase, leading to additional time spent on finding work around or in a worst case scenario being not able to use the software at all. Check below what you should look out for when purchasing a guest list app.

No. 1 - Maximum Guest Capacity

Some guest list apps allow you to upload as many guests as you want, others limit the app by the number of check-ins you make or guest names you import. But can the app handle large-scale guest lists with additional guest data during onsite check-in without delays and lagging? If you expect to upload larger guests lists, consult your software provider and ask for the recommend guest list size and data volume for this particular app.

No. 2 - IOS and Android support

IOS and Android devices can differ when it comes to app interface, performance and features. Always test on the exact devices you are going to use at your event and make sure both versions have the features you need.

No. 3 – Equipment

Use the latest devices. Although most app support older tablets, any newer updates on both the app and the software can lead to unforeseen hiccups. If you do not have the latest iPads for example, look for a hardware rental provider who has experience with the software you are going to use.

No. 4 - Tech support availability

Most apps on the market offer comprehensive help centers, however, when it comes to support on-site you are often all by yourself. Ask for local partners who do offer tech support for the software you are going to use. Some hardware providers also offer tech support services to make sure all equipment is set up properly for your event software.

No. 5 - Data protection

Last but not least, your company or client may have internal data protection requirements. Choose a provider which takes data protection seriously and not only in their terms and conditions. Find out where the data is stored. The best gust list apps store their data on one of the leading cloud servers such as Microsoft Azure or AWS (Amazon).

Central Pacific Consultants Ltd. is a Hong Kong based event technology company which provides innovative software for guest list management, entry management, and real-time audience interaction. Contact our event technology specialists to receive a free consultation.

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