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Event Management Software For The World's Best Events

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

In the midst of event planning, we often forget the very solutions available to make this very process more efficient and ultimately more cost-effective. In selecting the best event management solutions two very important factors and functions to consider: the ease of use and efficiency. During our evaluation selection, we have found that zkipster is one of the premier and leading event management software that meets these criteria.

Below are the core functions that can be leveraged to help you better plan your events and complete check-in of your guests with ease on the day of your event:

Design your invitation & RSVP form
Online Invitation

Online invitations – zkispter’s Online invitations offers beautiful RSVP emails and forms that connect right to your guest list for check-in. With dynamic invitations you are able to send invitation emails from your own email address as well as set up a form to collect any details you require from your guests before the event.

QR code confirmation email – QR codes are an increasing method of event check-in as this method of check-in is more secure and time-effective. zkipster also supports barcode and QR code scanning for more efficient queue management at your event. Whether you are sending QR codes from a 3rd party or even in hardcopy, zkipster is able to check-in your guests. When sending QR codes from zkipster, you can do this both directly in invitation emails as well as in confirmation emails upon submission of the RSVP form.

Onsite check-in – The zkipster app is fast, reliable, and secure while easy to use and also works offline. When using the app offline, all data will be stored in the app until you reconnect to the internet to reflect all check-in data across all devices. You can also check-in guests and plus-ones at the same time. You can add walk-in guests with ease by adding profiles directly on the app at check-in.

Post-event statistical reports – The zkipster app automatically collects data and once the event is over, you will be able to see the event report, the dashboard and graphs are illustrative of guest check-in data at your event while providing analytics on this data.

Dynamic Seating Chart Feature
Dynamic Seating Chart Feature

Additional features:

Dynamic seating – zkipster also offers dynamic seating to plan your seating charts before your event and make changes on your seating chart at your event. For larger events, be sure to take advantage of zkipster’s automatic seating. This can be done when you lay out your seating plan and thereafter upload the guest list to seat your guests directly on your seating plan.

On-demand name badge printing
On-demand name badge printing

On-demand name badge printing – When connected to a printer, the app allows you to instantly print name badges on demand upon guest check-in. This means that you do not need to search for pre-printed name badges nor dispose of name badges should the expected guests not arrive

Check-in alerts – zkispter offers check-in messages whether you would like to use this internally when an important guest is checked-in at your event or also externally in welcoming the guest to your event. Check-in messages can be sent as both email or SMS messages at the same time. Under the Professional packages check-in messages are fully customizable allowing you to also draw from information uploaded for each guest.

Guest Pictures Sourcing
Guest Pictures Sourcing

Guest pictures – zkipster offers guest picture sourcing or direct upload for your guests. In the event that a picture of your guest is not available online nor readily available before your event you can use the zkipster app to take a picture of your guest and save this to the guest profile. You can thereafter take advantage of the picture memory function to attach pictures to your guests in future events.

After thorough evaluation of the zkipster app and the services it provides towards event planning, the benefits of opting for an event management system highly streamlines the different aspects of event registration and event check-in.

Central pacific is the local Technology Partner of zkipster in Hong Kong and the region. Feel free to register for a zkipster trial account now. For more information, please reach out to our team to learn more.

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