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Virtual Event Platform

A powerful virtual event platform for both hybrid and online events including attendee chat, Q&A, and live stream.

Add an event app to make it a multi-screen hybrid event experience.

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Web Browser Access

Attendees can join the virtual event platform by invitation link, by event code, or login.



Live Stream

Stream live from YouTube, Vimeo, or Zoom, add your own or use the integrated streaming solution.



Mobile App

Offer a mobile app to let your guests use it as a second screen and to connect virtual and on-site guests.



Live Chat

Let attendees participate or follow a moderated live chat right from their browser or mobile app



Agenda & Speaker

Display agenda and speakers directly on the  virtual event platform and the mobile app

Local Tech-Support

Contact our account managers directly when you have any technical issues. We manage the set-up and can assist on-site.

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Changeable Views For Every Device

The virtual event patform interface allows attendees to easily switch between different elements such as live stream, speaker section, agenda, sponsors or attendees.

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Mobile Event App

Harness the full power of virtual event technology and launch a mobile app for your event to increase engagement between participants.

When participants join the app they’re featured on the activity stream.

Private Messages
Direct messages between attendees foster deeper connections.

Notification Center
Users see likes, comments and push notifications at a glance.

Quick Polls
Engage users and get instant event feedback with real-time polling.


Live Show Recording

What is a Virtual Event?

And what is the difference between a virtual event and a webinar?

A virtual event is an event that takes place online and lets people interact in a virtual environment such as a virtual event platform, all connected via the internet. A hybrid event allows the attendees to either meet in a physical location or online, while they can still interact with each other via a web browser and mobile apps. 

A webinar is usually a one-session event that includes a presenter or moderator while a virtual event typically includes multi-session online events with multiple speakers and a conference or event agenda that often contains several webinars and webcasts and other performances.

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