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WhatsApp Campaigns

Do you like to send WhatsApp message to event guests to RSVP, for reminders or sending out QR codes for your event? Use the professional WhatsApp for Business API to create WhatsApp templates including  automated answers to offer a unique service and wow your guests

WhatsApp Templates

Generate your own template to be sent broadcasting messages to your event  guests who are using WhatsApp.

Customized Chat Flow

Ask questions to your event guests or let them RSVP for specific sessions direcly on WhatsApp and without opening a web browser

Images, Maps, Videos

Use the full power of Whatsapp to send files, photos, location maps and even videos to your event guests

Personal RSVP

By uploading your event guests, the WhatsApp virtual assistant knows the guest's event and personal details to make it a smooth RSVP process.  

WhatsApp ROI

Event guests can reply to messages directly on WhatsApp which gives you powerful event follow up tools to measure ROI

Mobile Friendly

70-80% of guests use their mobile phones to check event information and WhatsApp is one of the most used app daily.

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WhatsApp Session Selection

Let guests confirm attendance and select their sessions right in WhatsApp

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