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How To Moderate Questions?

The software allows you to manage participant questions directly from your admin account on laptop and tablet. Make sure you turn on the moderation feature to be able to do so.

Step 1 - Approve Or Dismiss Incoming Questions

First, go to your Admin view to review the questions submitted by the participants.

  1. Go to Questions

  2. Click the green check button to approve the question

  3. Click the red cross button to dismiss the question

approve or dismiss incoming

Step 2 - Highlight The Question 

Once the question is approved, it will be displayed live on screen. You can use the highlight feature to make it obvious for the audience which question is being answered. 

Highlight the question.gif

Step 3 - Archive Answered Questions

Once the question has been answered, you can easily hide it by clicking the archive button to make room for the next question.

Archive answered questions.gif
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