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Event Registration & Payments - What platform to use?

Searching for a reliable event registration platform can be a very long and tedious process. Event planners are always looking for a user-friendly, low cost, and end-to-end registration platform, who doesn’t want to get the most out of their events.

In this blog post we will examine our award-winning event registration platform partner popular for conferences, seminars, and trade shows.

The platform unites both intelligent attendee management software and business networking and offers solutions for successful event promotion and easy-to-use one stop ticket sales.

It provides the 6 staples of successful event promotion and simple ticket sales. Take full advantage of the core functions offered by the platform, namely:

  • Event promotion

  • Online registration

  • Payment processing

  • Entry management

  • Event data intelligence

  • Interfaces/APIs

Here we will provide some examples of prominent features not to miss out on that are provided:

Easy to use event website templates for customization to stay on-brand and meet event requirements.

Event registration platform

If you already have an event website in place, you can also embed the online registration portal directly onto your existing website.

Payment is key, the platform makes purchasing tickets easier so your guests can breeze through the checkout process with 4 easy steps.

Ticket registration steps

1. Select tickets

2. Enter billing address and payment details

3. Enter guest details for each ticket holder

4. Check out and pay

Payment collections often differ through different networks and channels, but this payment platform provides the ultimate solution. Payment collection is centralized, which means event organizers simply need to provide their bank account and thereafter the platform will collect on behalf of the organizers and deposit all payments directly to the provided bank account.

Automatic system generated invoices, receipts, and e-ticket(s) are a stronghold in optimizing the client journey before they come to your event. Once guests have registered their receipt and e-tickets will be emailed to the guest as confirmation.

Promotion codes can also be set up for different categories of guests, or offer tier-based discounts based on the volume of tickets sold. E.g. early-bird pricing.

Meaningful post-event statistics are a staple in analysis post-event. With statistics reports offered for each event created, sales statistics and analysis among which tickets sell best help you plan ahead for your next events.

Post-event statistics

With both API integration, event management processes can be automated, creating synergies between your different systems. A connection with Zapier also means that you will have a direct connection to over 1000 tools, without having to build a custom integration from scratch.

With their data-driven platform, you get everything for your business events from a single source. With this event platform, you can access target groups that are highly relevant to you. This registration platform leverages the latest technology to help increase tickets for your business events, and streamline the event planning process.

Central Pacific has a long-established relationship partnering with the platform through providing outstanding registration services to event planners in Hong Kong. Together, we help create your events and manage the registration platform from the preliminary planning stages to the post event statistics. Feel free to reach out to the team and we would be delighted to tell you more!

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