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Invite Event Guests In Style

With the advancement of technology, event invitations have become less personal. Whether you’re getting an invitation email or SMS, that human touch is often lost. If you do want someone to call your attendees, you’re paying high rates for usually third-party agencies and telemarketers.

However, with advancements in both A.I and Cloud technologies that allow us to better understand customer conversations, why not enable A.I. to better reach your customers in more unique ways?

Instead of a call from Lisa, an overseas telemarketer, wouldn’t it be cool if David Beckham’s (your main speaker of the event) voice personally called each of your guests and invited them personally along with having a little bit of chit-chat? Now before you start calculating how many hours and the surely enormous hourly rate it would cost him to personally call up every client, here is where the power of A.I technologies can help. With just 1 hour of time needed for studio recording with any speaker with a pre-defined script, the Voicebot solution will be able to take that and enable a thousands of different conversations with clients. Because of the clearly defined goals of each call, each conversation will sound personal and professional at the same time.

This new way of reaching out to your customers could be a game changer in the industry and below are some of the key areas we feel the impact can be felt the most:

Stand-out from the crowd using the latest innovative technologies Instead of the same old emails and text messages, why not have a familiar voice check-in with your customers. Whether it’s your company’s CEO or a Celebrity spokesman, reaching out to your guests in a unique way gives them the impression that your event will also be unique as well.

Cost effective to reach customers directly Hiring a telemarketer to call-down all your customers is an expensive endeavor and why most companies rely on texts and emails now instead. However, the personal touch is lost and without getting an immediate response from the customer, it’s also more difficult to manage and prevent no-shows. However, with the A.I. Voicebot, outside of the cost of booking a recording studio for an hour with your desired speaker, the cost of calling your customers is less than 10% the cost of hiring an actual person.

Innovative and easy to setup The Voicebot is already built on top of the world’s biggest and easiest to use CRM system, so it can take as little as a day to create your script, record your audio, load your guest list and start the call-downs. It also has an API that can connect to any existing system, so you don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

Increase the RSVP rate

More and more emails and messages go unnoticed by guests in a world of non-stop notifications and information. A short and precise conversation with a guest whose interested in your service provides the clarity they need to make an informed decision without spamming them with continuous notifications. This is why direct phone calls have higher RSVP rates than emails and now you can do the former with the cost structure of the latter.

Contact us if you are interested in learning more about the Voicebot solution, we are happy to share more information about this innovative A.I event solution with you.

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