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Which Seating Chart Software Is The Best For Events?

Updated: Aug 7, 2018

Most traditional seated events use pens and paper to manage guest check-in and guest seating, but this often leads to turmoil at the registration counter when guests need to be switched around at the last minute. This is why event planners in Hong Kong and the surrounding region have started to use check-in and seating chart software for events.

Event seating chart app

Now, there is no perfect seating chart software out there just yet. There are different apps with different advantages, such as zkipster's seating charts, Planning Pod, Social Tables and Smartdraw. What do you need to consider, and what actually helps, when finding the most suitable app for your event?

After having seen the check-in at 100+ events, I would personally choose a software with strong customer service on hand. The customer service should teach me how to use the software, assist during set-up, and provide local tech-support on the day of the event. I know check-in can get really busy, so I don't want to worry about any tech-related issues.

Complete tech-support

First of all, having a personal account manager on your side who knows which devices are recommended and can solve tech-related issues is key for events which require a more complicated setup.

Check-in & seating chart integration

Check-in and seat management should work within the same app. Changes made to the seating plan should correspond directly to the guest list. It should furthermore be possible to customize guest information such as dietary requirements and preferences. It also helps to color code certain guests and to be able to search by table number so you can view who is currently sitting at that table.

Friendly user-interface

It should be possible to move guests from one table to another with little effort. It should be intuitively designed, giving a clear picture of the currently seated guests and available seats.

Instant synchronization

The app should sync in real time and automatically update all last-minute changes on all connected devices instantly. This way, everyone on your team has the most recent seating information and knows which seats are occupied and which are available at any given time. Having access to the system should also provide information on who has checked in and who hasn't, as well as the total number of checked-in guests.

Free Demo

Last but not least, a free demo is excellent for trying out features and further discussing a tailor-made solution for your event.

Central Pacific Consultants Ltd. is a Hong Kong based event technology company, and technology partner of zkipster, the event management software for the world's best events. Central Pacific provides full set-up and tech-support services in Hong Kong.

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