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4 Tips To Manage Name Badge Collection At Events

Updated: Aug 12, 2018

Event planners often neglect the importance of name badge management, because it is a relatively small part of the event. But the truth is, unstructured name badge management can bring a huge mess to an event’s entrance, which definitely has an effect on your guests' first impression. So here are 5 tips to manage name badges at events.

Guests lining up to collect their event name badge

1. Use a digital solution

Yes, the best way to manage name badge printing is to use the right guest list software. There are applications that can check-in guests and print name badges at the same time in a matter of seconds. This makes the process up to five times faster compared to using clipboards, pens and printed guest lists.

2. Divide the registration process into different tasks

Split up the check-in into multiple tasks for your event team. The person checking a guest in should by no means attend to special requests or assemble name badges. In addition to this, pair up your event team with event helpers: One person registers the guest, while the other one prepares the name badge. This simple guideline gets you in twice as many guests within the same time window.

3. Let your senior event staff take care of walk-ins & special inquiries

Direct all walk-in guests and additional inquiries to a senior person at a dedicated check-in counter. This person should be knowledgeable of all the event details as well as guests’ backgrounds, and have the authority to decide whether or not a walk-in can get access to the event.

4. Use a LOCAL event software provider

Make sure your software provider can provide stand-by or on-site tech-support. Otherwise, you need to pray nothing goes wrong during check-in. You may check if it is possible to meet directly with the provider in advance for a demo or training session to discuss what options are possible.

Central Pacific is a Hong Kong-based event technology software provider. Their onsite name badge printing solution might be the right solution for your event here in Hong Kong or across the region.

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